Orange-Pilled Blond Bier



Once you've taken a sip of the Orange-Pilled Blonde Beer, you may see the world differently.

Orange Pilled Blond Bier:

  • The ultimate summer pleasure.
  • A celebration of freedom, hope and financial independence.
  • Brewed with a passion for innovation, decentralization and artistic expression.

Orange-Pilled Blonde Beer: Discover the Bitcoin Revolution!


Are you ready to take the orange pill?

Orange-Pilled Blonde Beer is more than a drink, it is a key to a new perspective. Brewed in honor of the Bitcoin revolution, this refreshing blonde beer is an ode to Satoshi Nakamoto, decentralization, freedom, creativity and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

A unique taste sensation with a mission:

Taste the passion and optimism of the Bitcoin community in every sip. Take your “Orange Pills” and discover the power of decentralization.

Een samenwerking met impact:

Ons eerste biertje in een reeks, ontworpen door Johannes Oppenwal (Bitpopart), een getalenteerde Bitcoin kunstenaar met de roots in Sneek. Met elke fles die je drinkt, steun je projecten die de Bitcoin revolutie vooruithelpen.

Cheers to what's to come!

Enjoy Orange-Pilled Blonde Beer on sunny days, with like-minded people or on your own. Cheers to freedom, the Bitcoin revolution and a bright future!

Order now and receive free bitcoin stickers!

Product information:

  • Alcohol percentage: 5,8%
  • Drinking temperature: 6-8 degrees
  • Color: 9 EBC
  • Bitterness: 23 IBU
Weight N/B
Orange-Pilled Blond Bier

6 stuks, 12 stuks, 24 stuks


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