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We are live!

Hi Bitcoiners!

I am thrilled and proud to announce that is now officially live. Our online shop is specially designed to provide high-quality Bitcoin stickers, allowing you to proudly display your support for this revolutionary digital currency.

In cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is more than just a digital coin – it is a movement, a statement of freedom and autonomy. That’s why we want to offer you, the Bitcoin user and enthusiast, a way to showcase your passion and conviction. If you wish to decorate your laptop, car, water bottle, or even your guitar case, our stickers are the perfect way.

Every Bitcoin sticker we offer is designed with quality and durability in mind. They are waterproof, sun-resistant, and built to last, just like Bitcoin itself.

But is more than just an online shop. It’s a community. With you, our customers, and Bitcoiners, we want to show the world what Bitcoin truly means. We will regularly share blog posts here with news, updates, and inspiring stories from Bitcoin.

Starting this online shop is a massive undertaking, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me. But this is just the beginning. Together, we can make a difference, bring Bitcoin to a larger audience, and show what it truly means to be a Bitcoiner.

So go ahead, browse our webshop, and find the perfect Bitcoin sticker to showcase your passion. Let the world know that you are proud of Bitcoin, and ‘Stick with it!’

Zomervakantie. Vakantiemelding Ameland En Terschelling. De Levering Zal Langer Duren Dan Je Gewend Bent.


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Boekjes Van Lightningplaces Over Bitcoin Accepteren Als Betaalmiddel

Partnership met

  Partnership met Inhoudsopgave   Het ultieme pad naar bitcoin acceptatie: In de snel evoluerende wereld van cryptocurrency is de acceptatie van bitcoin

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Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving

Tick-Tock next block: De Bitcoin Halving Satoshi Nakamoto, de anonieme maker van Bitcoin, had wellicht een kristalheldere visie voor de toekomst van geld toen hij

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Bitcoin Pizza Dag

Bitcoin Pizza dag!

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