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Knut Svanholm


The invisible hand that feeds you.


What if there was a school subject as crucial as mathematics that no one ever told you about? What if public schooling was a product of people’s lack of knowledge about this subject? What if the social sciences weren’t sciences at all but veiled propaganda? What if logic and deductive reasoning alone could provide more robust explanations for people’s actions than empiricism ever could?

Praxeology, the science of human action, is a lens through which the truthfulness of the world is revealed. Truth goggles, if you will. Praxeology teaches us that everything going on in our society is rooted in the wills and desires of individuals. Starting from an irrefutable set of statements about human beings, we can conclude that human behavior is proper regardless of what any political ideology might assert. Praxeology is a treasure trove of knowledge hidden in plain sight. The insights of the great praxeologists of the 20th century are genuinely profound yet sadly unknown to most people.

This book attempts to make the complex subject of praxeology a little more accessible so that more people can understand the implications of its insights. If you’re curious about why the men behind the curtain are hiding behind said curtain to begin with, this might be a book for you.

Join Robinson Crusoe as he discovers his relationship with his nature-given means, his time on this Earth, and (eventually) his fellow human beings. Like Robinson, you’ll learn how to differentiate between apples and oranges and their perceived value to other people.


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Praxeology. Geschreven door: Knut SvanholmPraxeology Knut Svanholm
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